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Us – Specialist In ALL PEST CONTROL
For Free Consultation & Inspection, Call Us At: 03-6185 1011 / 019-664 3417 | 013-8361717 (Sibu) , 013-8215477 (Kuching)

About Us

New-Tech Pest Control Sdn.Bhd is 25 years of operation in commercial, Industrial and residential Pest Control Services in the Klang Valley.

The Strength of our company lies in the Synergistic and complementary partnership of its Directors and with a combined experiences of 35 years, strives to be a successful pest control company in the Klang Valley, Malaysia

The directors themselves are carrying out the management function of the company. It is owner – controlled. We believe that in this way monitoring is more effective. This is in line with our objectives of providing a high quality of service to the customers, whereby the management team would be overseeing the actual work done in the field.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver high and consistent quality in the Pest Control Services to enhance the workplace and residence of our customers.

We personally believe that the service industry in general is maturing every year. It means that customers are sitting higher standards in terms of satisfaction levels, after sales support and value for money.