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services – Specialist In ALL PEST CONTROL
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General pest control services

It involves different methods of control of domestic pest such as rats, cockroaches, flies, ants, termites and mosquito that are commonly found in homes, offices, factories and storage buildings. There are many methods, of control for rats such as baiting, and trapping. For cockroaches and ants, treatment are done by spraying suitable and recommended insecticides and gel trapping to all sensitive and high risk areas. Treatment For termites treatment, by means of baiting or spraying of termiticide solutions into the mud tunnel / traces. Thermal or water – based fogging will be carried out to control mosquito. This type of service is normally done with a one year contract whereby treatment will be carries out at one or two months interval. The frequency of treatment will depend on seriousness of the problem or the level of infestation of a particular premises. For example, for a restaurant with an acceptable standard of cleanliness, we would recommend General pest control to be done on a Monthly basis. This is because heavy cooking activities in the kitchen and abundance of food in the dining area would tend to attract pests.