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soil treatment – Specialist In ALL PEST CONTROL
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post-construction anti-termite soil treatment

Horizontal barriers :
The sub- construction of the building is comprehensively in a grid pattern by injection through the floors and the walls of the building or by long rodding. The objective is to create a total horizontal barrier by ensuring that the drill holes are close enough together to provide confluent applications into the soil beneath. The rate of application is 5 litre per square meter of floors area treated. All holes drilled into or through the structural elements of the building must be securely plugged after treatment. Post -Construction soil applications are made by injection with a nozzle pressure at 25 P.S.I. Rod holes or trenches should not extend below the footings because of the possibility of soil wash out by the spray. Before applications into the soil are made, we will identify the paths of all service into the building so that these are not damaged in the application process.