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pre-construction anti-termite soil treatment – Specialist In ALL PEST CONTROL
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pre-construction anti-termite soil treatment

Horizontal barriers :
Before the footings are poured, Horizontal barriers may be established in the footing trenches. Then after site preparation is completed and prior to the pouring of slab floors or platforms treatment will follow. Termiticide will be applied at the rate of 5 liter per square meter of area. It is important that steady even coverage is obtained with applications made by low pressure spray (less then 50 p.s.i) using a coarse spray nozzle.
Usual techniques will be used to protect the treated area before pouring of the slab material. This normally involves will be used to protect the treatment area before pouring of the slab material. This normally involves covering the area with a polythene sheet. In situations where this is not standard procedure, if there is a delay of more than 24 hours in pouring the slab, cover the treated area with an opaque polythene sheet to protect the treatment from ultra violet light and rain.

Vertical barriers :
Vertical barriers will be effectively established in area around the base of the foundation, piers, plumbing entrances and exits, utility entrances, back-filled soil against foundation walls or other key positions which require more then a horizontal barrier because they give access to the building.